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Computerized control panels and keypads give users the ability to arm and disarm the entire security system. These products also allow users to view events on a LCD screen. Interfaced with the local monitoring station, Police or Fire Departments are dispatched to avert a break in or are made alert to possible difficulties.

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The XR200 Command Processor Panel supports 242 burglary, fire and access zones. Up to 200 user codes with nine authority levels are also supported. Individual zones can be programmed for instant, delay, priority, fire, fire verification, fire retard, panic, presignal, fast response, cross zoning and fire supervision.

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The XR40 Control Panel provides coverage for 42 burglary and fire zones. Up to 32 user codes with authority levels are supported. The zone monitor lets you know when doors open and close. The panel can also be remotely armed and disarmed from any telephone.

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Up to 26 burglary zones are supported by the XR20 Control Panel. Over 30 user codes with authority levels can be programmed. Remote arming and disarming can be effected from any telephone. Review up to 100 event histories on the keypad.

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The XR10 supports remote program/remote access. Up to 10 burglary zones are protected. Individual zones can be programmed for instant, delay, priority, fire, fire verification, panic, swinger shunt, cross zoning and fire supervision.

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The XR6 supports 6 burglary, fire and access zones. Up to 16 event histories can be reviewed on the keypad.


These devices monitor the unauthorized opening of doors and windows when the security system is armed. It alerts the user and the central monitoring station that a door or window has been opened, and pinpoints the exact location so appropriate action can be taken.

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Recessed Contact

Steel Door contacts are designed specifically for use in the steel doors commonly found in commercial building applications. The unique housing design features a rugged unibody construction with flexible ribbed sides for quick, secure installation without gluing. The magnet housing isolates the magnet from the surrounding steel for maximum gap distances, both make and break.

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Surface Contact

The Surface Mount Terminal Contact is designed for window and door applications where a surface mount contact is preferred. Thanks to its unique design, it is fast and easy to install. The switch and magnet are incorporated into the cover housings, and the terminal blocks are angled for easy access.


Overhead door switches are more rugged to accommodate for the size and weight of overhead doors. If an unauthorized person triggers a switch by trying to gain access without approval, the keypad arming station indicates the location of the intruder and notifies both the user and the central monitoring station so appropriate action can be taken.

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Designed specifically for panel or sectional style overhead doors. The unique design allows the contact to be mounted directly to the door channel, with the magnet mounted vertically on the door – off the floor and out of harm’s way. This eliminates service calls and false alarms that occur when typical floor-mount contacts become damaged or as the door becomes misaligned with normal usage.


These devices can be installed in hallways and offices to detect a moving heat source, thus indicating an intruder when the alarm system has been armed. The location of the motion also is relayed to the central station. The central monitoring station personnel can then notify the appropriate authorities and your on-call personnel.

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Motion Detector

Never before has there been a sensor with such reliable detection. This motion detector comes complete with uniform sensitivity optics and a custom, application-specific S-band microwave source. This insures that the detector only responds when an intruder is moving about and rejects other causes of false alarms.


Large or small warehouse areas can have motion detectors installed to pinpoint moving heat sources made by one or more intruders. The arming station relays the information to the central monitoring station, which can then notify the customer and the authorities.

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Motion Detector

Microcontroller-Based Queue Logic Processing gives this sensor excellent detection while virtually eliminating false alarms and costly service calls. Sensitivity can be set at three different levels, and the sensor is immune to common warehouse pests like rodents, birds, and snakes. A sturdy, vandal-resistant housing features a zero-clearance bug guard and ratcheted rotation settings for quick, accurate adjustment.


If an intruder seeks to bypass magnetic switches at the building’s doors and windows by breaking a glass pane to attain entry, these detectors are equipped to respond to a digital signature of glass breakage. The signal of breaking of glass is relayed to the arming station, and the location of the intrusion also is specified. The central monitoring station is alerted and can take appropriate action.

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Glass Break Detector

This glass break detector detects breakage of all types of glass – plate, tempered, wired, laminated, coated, sealed-insulated. It uses digital signal processing for advanced detection and false alarm immunity.


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Photoelectric Detector

With impact resistant covers, and more than 99% beam tolerance, these detectors withstand the most severe environmental conditions. Extra large dual beams are used to provide the greatest protection against false alarms caused by birds, falling leaves, and other disturbances.


Mesa Alarm Systems also offers fence detection systems, seismic systems, alarm screens, environmental monitoring (water bugs, humidity, temperature) alarms, perimeter fence protection and safe and vault alarms.